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High Reliability

Compared with the other brand blowers, Sirocco/EcoAir blower has the highly-developed design which results in a pump construction with one moving part, a feature ensuring maximum operation reliability. maintenance free!

Sirocco/EcoAir blowers also have long life bearing at each end of the shaft outside the pumping chamber. The advantages are:

 - Higher pressure ratios achievable.

 - Cooler bearing temperature.

 - Longer grease life.

 - Easier access for maintenance.

Low Noise Level

The use of direct-driving Sirocco/EcoAir low-noise motors and integral silencers ensure a low noise level.

No Oily Odours

The impeller rotates with absolutely no contact between it and the housing. This means no lubrication is required, guaranteeing 100% oil-free operation.

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High Efficiency

Under serious QC control and with over many years' experience, the parts used in Sirocco/EcoAir blower are of top quality and all motors are TEFC(IP55), IE2  and insulation class F is for 2 Horse power and below, and insulation class H is for 3 Horse power and above. The pump is separated from the motor maintenance-free shaft seal.

Easy to Install

Sirocco/EcoAir blower really is a complete unit ready for immediate installation.

Wide range of turbo blowers available on special request.