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Easy to Install

Sirocco/EcoAir blower really is a complete unit ready for immediate installation either as a vacuum pump or as a compressor. The unit can be mount in any position, horizontally or vertically.

High Reliability

Compared with the other brand blowers, Sirocco/EcoAir blower has the highly-developed design which results in a pump construction with one moving part, a feature ensuring maximum operation reliability. maintenance free!

Sirocco/EcoAir blowers also have long life bearing at each end of the shaft outside the pumping chamber. The advantages are:

 - Higher pressure ratios achievable.

 - Cooler bearing temperature.

 - Longer grease life.

 - Easier access for maintenance.

Mode of Operation

Sirocco/EcoAir blower includes an impeller and a side channel formed with a semi-circular side wall and having an inlet and outlet. As the impeller rotates, the gas between the impeller blades is radically and circumferentially accelerated and pushed into the side channel. Here it is compressed and forced back towards the impeller blades where it is radically and circumferentially accelerated. It is thus transported along a spiral path through the impeller and side channel, until it reaches the point where the side channel is connected to the discharge flange. Here the gas is discharged.

High Efficiency

Under serious QC control and with over many years' experience, the parts used in Sirocco/EcoAir blower are of top quality and all motors are TEFC(IP54)  and insulation class F is for 2 Horse power and below, and insulation class H is for 3 Horse power and above. The pump is separated from the motor maintenance-free shaft seal.

Product Range Single Stage HB-129 HB-229 HB-329 HB-429 HB-439 HB-529 HB-629 HB-639 HB-729 HB-829 HB-919 HB-929 HB-939 Double Stage HB-2308 HB-3315 HB-3319 HB-3326 HB-4337 HB-4346 HB-6346 HB-6355 HB-6375 HB-6455 HB-6475 HB-8310 HB-8315 HB-8320 HB-8410 HB-8415

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Low Noise Level

The use of direct-driving Sirocco/EcoAir low-noise motors and integral silencers ensure a low noise level.

No Oily Odours

The impeller rotates with absolutely no contact between it and the housing. This means no lubrication is required, guaranteeing 100% oil-free operation.