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CR Elec blowers are complete units ready for immediate installation either as a vacuum or as a compressor. The unit can be mounted in any position, horizontally or vertically.... more.

Side Channel Blowers

Our comprehensive range of side channel blowers are fitted with single or three phase motors and include the option of:

- a single stage vs double stage design

- 50HZ operation

- direct, v-belt or coupling drive

- 220V/380V/525V

Advantages of our blowers include: Long life bearings, Low noise levels, Oil free operation, High efficiency TEFC (IP54) motors, Pressure, Vacuum, Suction and Aeration applications.

Suitable for a diverse field of applications such as pneumatic conveying, bakery materials handling, dental aspiration, spa bath, socks knitting machine, plastic granule conveying, sewage treatment, compost, furnace air supply, metal treatment baths, bottling plants, to name a few.

pneumatic conveying

bakery materials handling

dental aspiration

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They are composed of a precision made pump and direct drive Induction motor with high starting torque. Excellent performance contributes to the best choice for lots of applications that need middle vacuum.

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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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Easy to Install

Sirocco/EcoAir blower really is a complete unit ready for immediate installation.

Wide range of turbo blowers available on special request.

High Efficiency

Under serious QC control and with over many years' experience, the parts used in Sirocco/EcoAir blower are of top quality and all motors are TEFC(IP55), IE2  and insulation class F is for 2 Horse power and below, and insulation class H is for 3 Horse power and above. The pump is separated from the motor maintenance-free shaft seal.

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